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Data protection is one of the biggest concerns in this increasingly digital age. If you think about it, how much of your life is actually out there on the internet? Quite a lot, we'd suspect!

With social media companies and corporations coming under increasing pressure from not just their users and customers, but also governments and action groups; people are finally beginning to recognise the importance of maintaining a certain amount of privacy.

So, as it’s International Data Protection Day, we thought we would take this opportunity to run through the risks of not managing payroll securely and how we at PayFit ensure your data remains safe at all times.

► Outsourcing payroll and ensuring confidentiality

Data protection is a huge issue to consider when outsourcing payroll to a third party.

Often much of the data is exchanged via email, which unfortunately means that much of it is unlikely to be password protected. It may also be the case that several people are CC’ed within a particular email exchange, meaning that GDPR compliance is unlikely to be achieved.

When payroll is outsourced in this way, data is susceptible to being hacked, and with payslips often attached in emails, private and confidential employee information could well fall into the wrong hands.

► Employer & employee data is always safe on PayFit

Employee data is clearly absolutely essential for all organisations. Using in-house software can ensure data remains up to date and is not being shared with third parties over emails.

At PayFit, we’ve worked hard to create an app that works for both employers and employees by creating two individual portals.

1. Employer portal

The employer portal allows employers to have access to sensitive employee data, in one centralised platform. All employee data is restricted to account holders with admin access only.

2. Employee portal

Employees are able to access their payslips through their own personal, password-protected, portal. They also have the option of activating two-factor authentication. They can then decide if they wish to download or print their payslips and store them somewhere securely.

► PayFit & data protection

For us at PayFit, data protection is our number one priority. As we operate within the payroll and HR industry, we understand the importance of ensuring that our clients’ data is safe with us.

It is for this reason that we have data storage backups that, well, backup all important data across three different data centres. This means that in the extremely unlikely situation that we ever experience a problem, all data is securely backed up.

The data held within the app is encrypted, including all data held in the backup locations. We also provide mandatory email and password user authentication, with the option of activating two-factor authentication (2FA), via SMS token authentication, for improved security.

Within PayFit itself, access to customer data is restricted to certain members of staff within specific teams. Even then, access is only permitted through a VPN protected by 2FA.

All PayFit data transmissions are done through TLS/SSL only, with HSTS, and perfect forward secrecy fully enabled at all times. Thanks to rigorous methods, PayFit is graded as an “A” on SSL Labs’ tests.

► Book a demo today

If you’re concerned about protecting your company’s essential payroll data, then why not book a call with PayFit today? One of our payroll specialists will always be willing to answer your questions.

PayFit blog author

PayFit blog author


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