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HR is not easy. 

Ensuring employee wellbeing, setting up fun and interesting learning and development programmes, managing recruitment, supporting company culture, onboarding new starters and sorting employee departures. 

Add payroll into the mix and you’ve got yourself a potential recipe for disaster. 

You see, there is often a misconception that HR professionals are also fully-fledged payroll experts. 

While on rare occasions this may be the case, the reality is that among the thousands of diligent and hardworking HR managers across the UK, very few are fully certified graduates from one of the excellent courses offered by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals

Consequently, for HR managers who are responsible for their company’s HR AND payroll obligations, the monthly payroll run can be a particularly stressful experience. 

In fact, the challenge facing those administering payroll has never been greater. 

Throughout the last year, changes affecting pay have been planned, withdrawn, delayed and abandoned. 

First, there was the introduction of the IR35 regulations – remember them? 

Ahhhh yes. 

In the early part of this year, IR35 was all the rage. The IR35 reforms, officially known as the Intermediaries Legislation, were destined to be rolled out in the private sector to bring it in line with its existing implementation in the public sector. 

However, the coronavirus pandemic (more on that later) put a stop to that.

Then there was the gender pay gap reporting. Companies with more than 250 employees in Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) were due to report the gender pay gap figures within their organisation at the end of the financial year. 

Coronavirus put the buffers on that too. 

Furlough was next. 

Officially known as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS), Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s plan to pay a certain percentage of the wages of employees at risk of losing their jobs was welcomed by many. 

The CJRS provided much-needed support to struggling businesses and eased the financial burden that many were facing. 

Its various iterations, however, were a logistical nightmare for payrollers not using up-to-date software. 

Of course, by the time everyone had worked everything out, it was time to move on to the Job Support Scheme (JSS). 

That didn’t last long either. 

The day before it was due to come into effect, it was decided that the country was going to re-enter a period of lockdown and the CJRS would be brought back

But, imagine having to stay on top of all of that over the last nine months? 

Imagine being responsible for keeping on top of ALL of those things while simultaneously managing a company’s HR responsibilities? 

Imagine not having access to payroll software or customer support teams that could guide you through each of those challenges? 

It doesn’t really bear thinking about, does it?

Well, spare a thought for poor Pauline, Hooli’s payroll & HR manager. 

Over the last year, she has been through the mill. Well, she would’ve been, had she not been using payroll software that supported her with each of the aforementioned – and many more – problems. 

Pauline’s decision in early 2020 to switch from her previous payroll provider to PayFit has certainly paid dividends. 

While she may still have to deal with 99 HR-related problems – payroll ain’t one.

So, as we approach the last third of this financial year, we will be chronicling Pauline’s journey and explaining how PayFit has managed to support her along the way. 

So tune in every Tuesday, to stay up to date with Pauline’s Payroll Problems

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PayFit blog author

PayFit blog author


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