PayFit and Hibob join forces to support the creation of seamless payroll and HR processes

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Payroll and HR are two vital functions in any successful business

One is tasked with ensuring that employees are paid correctly and on time; the other with all manner of things including supporting employee wellbeing, implementing company protocols and managing the employee life cycle — e.g. recruiting, onboarding, offboarding, training, etc. 

Throughout the course of the pandemic, the strategic importance of both has significantly increased and companies have become more and more aware of the intrinsic link between the two. 

Both departments often require access to the same or similar information — e.g. new starters, leavers, personal and contact details and bank information — and, often, two systems that remain independent of each other are used to manage payroll and HR tasks. 

However, the last 18 months has highlighted the need for process optimisation, particularly in instances where remote working procedures have been implemented. 

The world of work has changed significantly during this time leading to shifts in how and where people are working. Remote work has also led to more and more people looking to relocate from busy cities which, in turn, has meant that many payroll and HR departments have had to spend time implementing manual changes to remain compliant and rely on accurate data.

To help avoid problems such as information silos forming, many companies are beginning to see the value of using systems that can operate together.

Using multiple systems containing the same information is not always conducive to achieving business efficiency and continuity. With different people having access to the same information on different platforms, companies have become increasingly aware of the benefits of adopting new and more optimised processes that enable information to be shared between various software.

This has led many companies to seek systems that can either integrate with one another or finding a dual-purpose solution that can absorb both HR and payroll responsibilities. 

Payroll & HR integrations  

For us at PayFit, we’ve long known the value of SaaS integrations in payroll. In fact, we wrote an article on the subject earlier this year.

Read our article on payroll and SaaS integrations.

Over the last few months, our team has been working hard to finalise our integration partnership with leading global HR provider Hibob.   

Through the integration, Hibob customers will be able to automatically synchronise an employee’s personal information — including home address, phone number, salary, job title and banking details — from Hibob to PayFit. 

The integration will also enable starters and leavers to be managed through Hibob and automatically synced with PayFit’s software, allowing customers to avoid time-consuming manual data entry. This is of particular importance to startups and scaleups who are always looking to add new employees to their ranks. 

Often a time-consuming and low added value task that needs to be duplicated repeatedly before processing payroll, the syncing of data between HR and payroll software means that onboarding new starters now needn’t be a stressful and manual process.

Why is this integration important?

As previously mentioned, the last year has highlighted the strategic value of efficient HR and payroll processes and has demonstrated the need for digitalisation and optimisation. 

Through this partnership, we aim to facilitate more agile processes between HR and payroll and remove blockers and information silos that may restrict a company’s operational efficiency.

A word from PayFit...

“We're constantly looking at ways to simplify internal processes and remove manual tasks for SMEs. Processing payroll requires aggregating HR information on a monthly basis and I'm very excited to be partnering with Hibob, a leader in its field, to make the transfer of HR data more seamless than ever before.”

Nick Miller, Country Manager @ PayFit UK

A word from Hibob...

“Managing payroll has proven to be a pain point for many companies, and we know the integration of Hibob’s capabilities with PayFit’s functionality will provide major benefits to modern, growing organisations. Agility is critical, and we are glad to be expanding our offerings to improve the experience of today’s business leaders.”

Raz Nimrodi, Global Head of Sales Enablement @ Hibob

Interested in finding out more about PayFit’s partnership with Hibob? Why not book a demo with one of our product experts today? 


PayFit blog author

PayFit blog author


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