Switch by PayFit - A turning point in human resources

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Make the revolution without revolting.

Digitise without dehumanising.

Innovate without destroying.

Today, the world of work is undergoing an unprecedented switch.

This switch is a turning point - a new dawn for the company and human resources as a whole.

Switch by PayFit is a medium that we have created to help us all experience the HR revolution.

Switch by PayFit is about voices, not just ours, but yours too, coming together to experience this new and innovative HR age.

Each week, we will share new and inspiring content that will address up to three different subjects:

  • Payroll & Finance - the latest news and topics in the payroll world.
  • People Ops - supporting those within the people function to be the best they can within their role.
  • @PayFit - addressing our latest product updates and the progress of the overall PayFit adventure.

Our goal is to approach all topics of conversation, even the most complex ones, with an open mind and analyse them in a simple yet detailed way.

Through this medium, we hope you will always be able to place the human being at the heart of this HR switch.


The PayFit team

PayFit blog author

PayFit blog author


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