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Life away from work

UK bank holidays in 2021

While the coronavirus restrictions make holidaying in 2021 seem like a distant dream, it is always worth knowing when the UK's bank holidays will be.

How to calculate holiday pay

Calculating holiday pay is a problem that companies frequently face. The issue is a complex one, and a surprisingly large number of companies, small, medium and large, remain non-compliant. In this piece, we run through everything you need to know about calculating holiday pay.

How to calculate annual leave

What's your holiday entitlement? How much annual leave can an employee carry over? We've produced short, yet comprehensive answers to the most common questions.

Coronavirus: how has holiday entitlement been affected?

How has holiday entitlement been affected by coronavirus and what rights do employers and employees have?

How to make the most of UK bank holidays in 2020

Discover PayFit's best tips on how to make the most of UK bank holidays and your holiday entitlement in 2020.

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