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Putting values into action

Combatting gender inequality in the workplace

The latest global equality rankings have seen the UK fall six places to 21st. So how can companies close the gap?

Creating a compensation and benefits strategy

It is now more important than ever for HR teams to build an effective compensation and benefits strategy to motivate their workforce and attract new talent. How to implement an effective and well-balanced compensation and benefits strategy.

Remodelling company culture post-coronavirus

With the majority of people having to work remotely, many organisations have been redefining their company culture and looking at ways of adapting it to work in a post-coronavirus world. Discover how in our latest article.

Coronavirus: technology & its legacy

Coronavirus is going to change the way we work for ever. With so many people forced to work remotely, companies have been forced to adapt.

Why has PayFit made employee fulfilment its number one priority?

We believe that working on each and every employee's fulfilment and development will ensure PayFit's future. Here are the actions we've taken.

Get in, get going! It’s time for your business to join the fitness revolution

Find out how you can promote fitness in the workplace and improve the health and wellbeing of your employees!

Don’t worry, be happy! How happiness in the workplace can boost your profits

The UK workforce has one of the highest rates of unhappiness in the world. In this article, we look at ways of creating a more positive work environment.

Acing the onboarding process like a HR superstar 🤩

You only get one first impression. Building a strong onboarding process is the best way to welcome and retain new employees.

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