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Keeping your employees onboard

International Women's Day

International Women's Day is marked annually on the 8th of March. It's an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women all across the globe.

Employee benefits: what’s it all about?

Employee benefits are an excellent way of attracting talent and retaining staff. But what are the rules and regulations in place around them? 

Remodelling company culture post-coronavirus

With the majority of people having to work remotely, many organisations have been redefining their company culture and looking at ways of adapting it to work in a post-coronavirus world. Discover how in our latest article.

Recruitment during and after the pandemic

Despite the significant job losses that have occurred as a result of the pandemic, some organisations have continued to recruit. Discover how they've adapted their recruitment processes and hear from an industry expert on the future of recruitment post-pandemic.

Salaries during and after coronavirus

With businesses struggling to survive the pandemic, many have found new and novel ways of rewarding employees. But what is the future of salary and rewards post-pandemic?

Learning and development post-coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation and encouraged HR teams to explore new and more innovative procedures. Find out why.

Employee wellbeing pre and post-pandemic

Employee wellbeing is always an important topic for HR managers. But how have organisations adapted to meet the conditions imposed by the pandemic?

How to manage the reintegration of furloughed employees

With furlough coming to an end at the end of October, many companies are beginning to bring employees back. But how should companies approach the reintegration of furloughed employees? Sophie Matthews, PayFit's People Manager, addresses all the key areas in this piece.

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