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PayFit and Quantico Announce Learning Partnership to Bridge Accountancy-Tech Skills Gap

PayFit is pleased to announce we’ll be sponsoring The Finops Academy, a course aimed to bridge the skills gap between accounting and tech. Find out more.

A Whistlestop Roundup of Accountex 2022: 4 Things We Learned from London's Premiere Accounting Exhibit

Accountex 2022 saw finance brands bring their experiential A-game. Our team soaked up as much information as possible to whip up this roundup of the exhibit’s freshest ideas. Here’s what we learned.

Maximising your savings through salary sacrifice

Salary sacrifice pension scheme is a great way to save money for your company and your employees. In this article, in collaboration with Maji, you'll find tips on maximising the savings you make through salary sacrifice. 

MHAW: Mintago Q&A — financial wellbeing

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, we spoke with Chieu Cao, Founder & CEO at Mintago, about the importance of financial wellbeing for both employees and employers.

GUEST BLOG: Remote-first contracting for SMEs

In a world where so many tasks are completed at a click of a button, contract signing has seemingly been left behind. Our friends at Juro are out to change this and have produced a short piece highlighting why a revolution is on the cards.

GUEST BLOG: 4 finance best practices for modern companies in 2021

After a year of upheaval and confusion, companies are looking for smart ways to control their finances in 2021. So, here are four best practices to ensure you’re ready for whatever comes your way.

Salaries during and after coronavirus

With businesses struggling to survive the pandemic, many have found new and novel ways of rewarding employees. But what is the future of salary and rewards post-pandemic?

The importance of good cash management

Startups often struggle to get their cash management procedures in place. In this article, Dan Hully, co-founder & CEO of Quantico, discusses the measures that can be put in place.

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