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Mini Budget: What Does it Mean for Businesses?

We discuss the key announcements made during 2022's Mini Budget and what this means for your business.

Carer’s Leave - How Will the New Entitlement Work?

HMRC recently opened a consultation on carer’s leave entitlements in the UK. We cover the latest guidance published to tell you what we know so far.

The apprenticeship levy: why did half of UK firms return their money?

Back in 2017, the apprenticeship levy system was introduced to improve the availability of apprenticeships. As the national apprenticeship week begins we thought we would go over everything you need to know about it.

Apprenticeship incentive payments

Incentive payments for hiring new apprentices have increased. Employers will now receive £3,000 for apprentices of all ages who join their organisation between certain dates.

IR35 and high-profile cases

In this article, we explain what IR35 is, examine some well-known cases involving public figures and why the rulings have often been controversial.

The Deliveroo ruling — why was it different to Uber’s?

On 24 June, the Court of Appeal ruled that Deliveroo riders were to be deemed self-employed. In this article we look at the Deliveroo ruling and explain why it was different from Uber's.

How much tax does a Premier League footballer pay?

With a summer football feast on the cards, we thought it would be a good idea to produce a football-themed payroll article. This got us thinking. What if we wrote an article on the amount of tax footballers pay...? 

The UK tax year — is it about to change?

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) will undertake a "high-level exploration and analysis" of the associated implications of moving the tax year for individuals this summer. But the could the tax year really move?

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