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Furlough to redundancy - what are the correct procedures to follow?

Find out what the correct procedures are when turning furloughed leave into redundancy.

Dealing with changes to businesses

The pandemic has forced many business owners to make changes to their business such as, changing name or address. Here, we run through all the key things that need to be considered when making changes.

Pauline's Payroll Problems: Finalising Payroll

Discover how PayFit's innovative payroll management software managed to simplify Pauline's monthly payroll run for her 100+ employees.

Pauline's Payroll Problems: Payroll Journals

PayFit simplifies payroll and finance processes by allowing admins to download payroll journals and then seamlessly upload them to various accounting software.

Meet Pauline – Hooli's payroll & HR manager

Meet Pauline, Hooli’s payroll & HR manager. Over the next few months, we will be chronicling her journey and explaining how PayFit has supported her with her payroll problems.

Five things to consider when changing payroll provider

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding whether to change payroll provider. We’ve highlighted five of the most important in this short piece.

Payroll and GDPR compliance

In this article, we run through the basics of GDPR and explain how companies can ensure that their payroll processes are GDPR compliant.

How to calculate holiday pay

Calculating holiday pay is a problem that companies frequently face. The issue is a complex one, and a surprisingly large number of companies, small, medium and large, remain non-compliant. In this piece, we run through everything you need to know about calculating holiday pay.

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