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Accountant-run payroll – why payroll outsourcing needs to change

Although some accounting firms may have a payroll department, it is not always an area where accountants hold a great deal of expertise. 

Pauline’s Payroll Problems – End of Tax Year 

In this latest episode of Pauline's Payroll Problems, we look at end of tax year pain points and explain why moving to PayFit has helped Pauline manage this difficult period in the year. 

What are the important factors to consider when choosing a payroll provider?

Choosing to move payroll provider is a big decision. To simplify things, we've written this short piece highlighting four factors that ought to be considered before any decision is made.

Pauline’s Payroll Problems – P11Ds & Payrolling Benefits

Processing benefits is not a task that many look forward to. Unfortunately, Pauline had to find out the hard way. Discover how things have improved since she switched to PayFit.

Payrolling Benefits - what does it mean?

Payrolling Benefits in Kind (PBIK) allows companies to alter the way they are taxed and the manner in which they report their expenses and benefits to HMRC.

Furlough to redundancy — what are the correct procedures to follow?

Find out what the correct procedures are when turning furloughed leave into redundancy.

Dealing with changes to businesses

The pandemic has forced many business owners to make changes to their business such as, changing name or address. Here, we run through all the key things that need to be considered when making changes.

Pauline's Payroll Problems – Finalising Payroll

Discover how PayFit's innovative payroll management software managed to simplify Pauline's monthly payroll run for her 100+ employees.

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