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Carer’s Leave - How Will the New Entitlement Work?

HMRC recently opened a consultation on carer’s leave entitlements in the UK. We cover the latest guidance published to tell you what we know so far.

How Much Tax Would a Hollywood Star Pay (under PAYE)?

Ever wonder how much tax a Hollywood actor might pay? At PayFit, we’re always geeking out, so we thought we’d have a go at answering this question.

Pauline’s Payroll Problems — End of Tax Year 

In this latest episode of Pauline's Payroll Problems, we look at end of tax year pain points and explain why moving to PayFit has helped Pauline manage this difficult period in the year. 

PayFit’s top 5 new features of 2021

PayFit has not only grown in size, but we also released so many new features available within the software.  Hopping on the yearly wrap-up trend, we thought it would be fun to list our top 5 features of 2021 voted by our customers! PayFit 2021 Wrapped.

Everything you need to know about Christmas payroll

December is here, and the festive season is just around the corner. It’s a busy month for most, and many companies choose to run their payroll a little early. So what are the main points to consider when you run payroll early this December?

How to identify the right payroll software for your business

It can be challenging to identify the right payroll software for your business, so we thought a guide to finding the right one would help. Payroll software varies in price, and free HMRC software is available, but it’s important to have software that can grow along with the business. This article will go over the main points to look out for and what questions to ask. 

Global Mobility and tax implications

Remote working is the new normal in a post-pandemic world. Global mobility is a complex process, made more complicated when we talk about how it affects tax. In this article, we talk about how it affects tax and what the options are for employers and employees.

Payroll best practices

We all know that payroll accuracy is essential to both the employer and employees, but what are the best practices payrollers follow to ensure accuracy happens?

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