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Switching payroll providers is perceived by many to be a challenging and heavily administrative task. 

While in some cases this may be true, at PayFit, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers and ensuring that the onboarding process is as seamless and straightforward as possible. 

So, what does a PayFit onboarding experience look like? 

We decided to take a look at the process. 

It all starts at the very beginning

The PayFit onboarding process will initially begin with the contract signing. A member of the PayFit sales team will send a personalised email containing a PandaDoc link which the prospective client will have to eSign. 

The email will also contain a GoCardless form to gather the banking details for the recurring monthly payments. 

Once the eSignature and the form have been completed, the customer will be introduced to their personal onboarder. 

Typically, a short kick-off call around 30 minutes long will be arranged. This will give the client and onboarder an opportunity to discuss any priority issues, set expectations and timelines, as well as explain how the process will be managed from this point onwards.

Finally, the onboarder will also provide the customer with a list of information needed to ensure that the onboarding process goes smoothly. 

What do customers need to provide? 

When a customer joins PayFit, we need access to five different types of information. 

  • HMRC information
  • Company information
  • Pension scheme information
  • HR information
  • Payroll information

HMRC information

What data do we need? 

  • HMRC credentials (username and password for HMRC online services)
  • Employer PAYE reference
  • Accounts office reference number

Where can this information be found?

This information usually is accessible when a tax account is created with HMRC. 

Companies that were previously using the services of an accountant may need to create their own account.

Find out how to create an HMRC account

What if a new customer doesn’t have this information? 

We can still run payroll for companies that don’t already have an HMRC account. HMRC submissions will be sent as soon as the relevant information is added to a company’s PayFit account.


Company information

What data do we need? 

  • Company policies—e.g. working hours and annual leave policy
  • Company bank information

Where can this information be found?

This information can be typically found through a company’s HR software, on contracts or with whoever deals with these issues internally. 

What if a new customer doesn’t have this information? 

PayFit’s default settings can be used if these policies haven’t yet been formalised. 

If a new customer prefers to pay via manual bank transfer, bank information is not required.

Pension scheme information

What data do we need? 

  • The name of the pension provider
  • How the pension scheme settings are configured
  • Which employees have opted in or out 
  • Employer and employee percentage contribution

Where can this information be found?

The information can be found on a pension scheme portal and on documentation shared by the pension provider.

What if a new customer doesn’t have this information? 

Almost all companies will have a pension scheme—those who don’t have a maximum of three months to create one and enrol their eligible employees. 

Five things you should know about your pension

While retirement may seem like a distant thought, understanding your pension rights is still important.

HR information

What data do we need? 

  • Employees’ personal data—e.g. name, address, birthday, bank details
  • Employees’ contract information—e.g. start dates, working hours

Where can this information be found?

Those responsible for payroll will typically have access to this data. It will also usually be stored on HR or payroll software. 

What if a new customer doesn’t have this information? 

Without access to this information, it’s not possible to onboard a company to PayFit. 

Payroll information

What data do we need? 

  • Year to date figures in current employment
  • Year to date figures in previous employment(s)
  • Most recent payslips
  • P45s (applicable only to employees who started in the current tax year)
  • P11s

Where can this information be found?

A company’s current payroll provider will have access to all of the information listed above. 

If payroll is managed in-house, those responsible ought to be able to provide it. 

What if a new customer doesn’t have this information? 

It’s not the worst thing if customers don’t have access to all of the information. However, doing so would make the onboarding process a lot simpler. 

If gaining access to some of the information is a little tricky, PayFit’s onboarding team will find a solution that suits all parties. 

What happens once this has been provided?

Once all the data has been provided, we really are on the home stretch. 

The onboarder will take the time to go through all the information, make sure it’s all correct, and begin setting up the customer’s account. 

A training call will also be arranged. This is usually between half an hour to an hour long and will once again provide an opportunity for the customer to ask questions or raise any concerns they may have. 

Before a customer’s first PayFit payroll run, they will need to conduct a payroll review. The payroll review will help the customer understand how their future payroll runs will look and maybe even alert them to any errors. 

During this period, their onboarder will help support them should any issues arise and provide further training if needed. 

Life as a PayFit customer

Even when a customer has been successfully onboarded to PayFit and has run several payrolls, they can still access and receive guidance from our CIPP-qualified payroll professionals.

Our team regularly analyse the latest legislation affecting payroll and ensure that the platform is up-to-date for each payroll run. Furthermore, customers have access to a range of helpful resources through our Help Centre.

Interested in finding out more about PayFit? Book a demo with one of our product experts! 

PayFit blog author

PayFit blog author


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